The Venia Difference

Market Research and Insights

For any corporation looking to enter into a new market, the first call of business is a thorough understanding of that market. Venia’s extensive regional know-how offers companies unique insights into each market, and opens the doors to their successful market entry, with limited risk. As an equity partner, Venia helps corporations understand the size and scope of the opportunities open to them, which regions should be prioritized, and which product or service offerings should be a focal point. In addition, Venia helps its partners develop growth roadmaps based on their short and long term objectives, and provides detailed advice on the most viable approach for a successful and profitable venture.



With almost two decades on the ground throughout the African region, Venia is ideally positioned to lobby on behalf of its clients. The services offered span consultancy in government relations and public policy, as well as non-governmental and grassroots support organizations.

Regional Business Setup

With its extensive regional expertise, and track record of successful new business setup, Venia can assist corporations across the board when entering a new market. Thanks to its local content expertise, Venia facilitates the undertaking of administrative requirements—such as legal counsel, certifications of all types, permits and other licenses— and the physical setup of offices and human resources, adding value to the host country through job creation. Its standing as an equity partner allows Venia to help global corporations transition into a new market seamlessly.

Business Development

Venia’s unmatched local expertise and know-how allows it to offer extensive business development services to its clients. Throughout the Middle East Venia offers a range of services including the identification of niches or underexploited and underserved market segments, lead and customer acquisition, and value innovation geared at creating new markets.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Throughout each of the African and Middle Eastern countries, Venia offers international companies, entrepreneurs, and private equity funds assistance in undertaking profitable negotiations and closing M&As to help foster rapid growth.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence has become increasingly important for companies looking to penetrate new markets, and Venia leverages its unparalleled network to offer detailed, accurate, and reliable business intelligence to assist its equity partners in making informed decisions to the benefit of their business goals.