Petroleum Transportation

Meridian_marine Headquartered in Athens, Greece, Meridian Marine Corp is a ship management company serving oil majors and national oil companies. Meridian owns and operates a fleet of petrol tankers, and works with clients such as Vitol, Shell, NNPC, and Chevron.
Collaboration_Orion The Nigerian subsidiary of Meridian, Orion Marine is a wholly owned company which acts as the operational base in the region. It has a fully-fledged maintenance yard with dedicated engineering teams and technicians, alongside warehouses and operational support for its fleet of tankers.

Investment and Consulting

novignis_logo Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, Novignis is a global consulting and investment firm with a track record across the African continent, but particularly Western Africa. Founded in 2010 by two regional experts, the company works with global brands providing consultancy services and facilitating their entry into the Nigerian and Western African markets.